What Can e-MSion Do for You?

e-MSion, Inc. aims to advance proteomics research by improving the accessibility of electron-based fragmentation in mass spectrometry.  Our name is an amalgam of electrons, Mass Spectrometry, and ions. We offer a device, the ExD Cell, that enables a type of fragmentation, similar to electron-capture dissociation (ECD), as an add-on to virtually any type of mass spectrometer. This unique type of fragmentation produced by our device enables fast, comprehensive characterization of ions without the experimental complexity of other competing technologies on the market today.

e-MSion is the first to make ECD technically feasible on instruments that are in the low- to mid-price range. As a result, our device makes ECD more accessible “for the masses.” Our universally-compatible ExD Cell device can give life science researchers the ability to more comprehensively characterize their molecules of interest. Read how our device is advancing the field.

Easy to use; one set of experimental conditions for multiple analytes

Installation has minimal effect on the parent instrument’s capabilities

Provides complementary fragmentation to CID

Enables characterization of labile post-translational modifications like phosphorylation, glycosylation, and 2H incorporation

Enables aspartate/isoaspartate and leucine/isoleucine identification

Efficiency increases with ion charge, making top-down protein analysis practical

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