Data analysis & visualization software
New data analysis & visualization software

ExDViewer is e-MSion’s in-house solution for ECD data analysis. Whether you already have a favorite analysis program and just need a way to pipe your data into it, or don’t know where to start with analyzing the deeper characterization enabled by ECD, ExDViewer has something to offer.

  • Analyze

    Perform a Match-to-Target run in ExDViewer to identify fragment ion peaks in the primary m/z data. The isoMatch algorithm uses sophisticated noise estimation, m/z tolerance, and theoretical isotope abundance to generate a match score for a, b, c, d, w, x, y, and z-type polypeptide fragment ions, producing accurate assignments with low false-positive rates even for congested top-down datasets. Perform Match-to-Target in real-time on data directly from the instrument, and use the results to inform method optimization.

  • Curate

    Toggle matched fragment ions on or off to build a curated list of observed ions. Filter & sort peaks by a multitude of characteristics such as charge, sequence position, fragment type, m/z, and match score, and make custom graphs to investigate the trends that are most meaningful to your research. Save .exdview files for revisiting & sharing analyses.

  • Visualize

    Fragment ions are annotated in the mass spectrum and also linked to an interactive amino acid sequence map in ExDViewer for quick navigation. Click the sequence map to zoom the spectrum to the corresponding peaks and see for yourself how well the data support the hypothesis. Export the coverage map and any zoomed spectra to create publication-quality figures focused on key data.

  • Convert

    Use ExDViewer to convert between common data types while maintaining informative metadata. Combine spectra by m/z or retention time to improve S:N and statistics, then optionally pipe the output into your normal third-party analysis software workflow.

ExDViewer Spotlight


See ExDViewer in action with interactive web demos

Isobar Differentiation

Instrument: Agilent 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF
Summary: W-ions from MS/MS ECD differentiate isobaric leu/ile residues in peptide REALLYisoDELIGHTFLK.

Top-Down Characterization

Instrument:Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap
Summary:Native top-down characterization of intact monoclonal antibody. ECD yields disulfide bond cleavage to liberate the intact light chain as well as sequencing of the CDR3 region of both chains.

Greater Sequence Coverage

Instrument: Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap
Summary: 89% sequence coverage from direct infusion of denatured carbonic.

Retain Labile PTMs

Instrument: Agilent 6545XT AdvanceBio LC/Q-TOF
Summary: Localizing glycosite by LC-MS/MS ECD of infliximab LysC digest