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For Agilent LC/Q-TOF

For Waters SYNAPT MS

For Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap MS

ExD AQ-25x Option

Download this version of ExDControl if you’re using the ExD AQ-25x Option for Agilent LC/Q-TOF.

ExD WS-25x Option

Contact your regional provider for ExDControl software for the ExD WS-25x Option for Waters SYNAPT MS.

ExD TQ-160 Option

Contact your regional provider for ExDControl software for the ExD TQ-160 Option for Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap MS.

ExDControl v. 3.2.33

  • Fixed issue with connecting to the controller when using special characters in the profile name

ExDControl v. 3.2.25B

  • Update controller fw
  • Fixed app behavior when instrument is in negative mode
  • Fix for requiring ethernet cable with Thermo instruments

ExDControl v. 3.2.18B

  • Fixed unable to update Agilent addon because of permissions
  • Fixed actual voltages “freeze” Jira issue MLSW-432

ExDControl v. 3.2.18D

  • Fixed crash during a Targeted MS/MS method (IM mode, negative mode)

ExDControl v. 3.2.18C

  • Fixed connection to controller error on Thermo


Operating SystemWindows 10; 64 bit

ExD AQ-250

MassHunter Data Acquisition Softwarev. 11
Instrument Firmware842B+

ExDControl Installation Instructions

1. Navigate to the file location to which the installation file is saved. Unzip/extract the installation file.
2. Navigate to and run the executable file “ExDControl__setup.exe”
3. If necessary, contact your system administrator to resolve access issues involving antivirus, firewall, and/or user access controls.
4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete installation. By installing the software, you agree to the terms of the Software License Agreement.
5. You are now ready to run the software. For more on how to use the ExDControl software, see the ExDControl Software User Guide.