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Download the latest release of the ExD Controller App (Version 3.1.34)


  • Added spectrum recording to mzml files for Agilent Technologies instruments
  • Added possibility to update Controller firmware from app
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific add-on connection fix
  • Added autodetection for Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent Technologies instruments
  • Updated Connection window UI
  • Autotune improvements
  • Fixed application installer
  • Bug fixes

    Download version 3.1.34


  • Migrated to 64-bit executable
  • Support for opening v1 and v2 profiles (.exd, .pro)
  • Enabled copy/paste in profile table
  • Fixed communication with ExD Controller
  • Fixed issue with starting app on new computer where not all required folders were created in
  • Added version to “Main” window title bar
  • Fixed application installer
  • Added Power Supply lookup in Thermo Fisher Scientific add-on
  • Bug fixes

    Download version 3.1.26