We’re teaming up with MS Vision to supply electron-based fragmentation to Europe

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MS Vision is an independent technology and services company providing value-added services and upgrade paths for mass spectrometry technology. MS Vision currently operates out of offices in the UK, Netherlands and Germany. As a vendor-independent service provider, MS Vision has extensive experience in high-mass and native electrospray mass spectrometry—which is why e-MSion is excited to announce we’re joining forces with MS Vision by entering into a multiyear sales and support agreement. MS Vision is our distribution and support partner for e-MSion in the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway.

ECD technology has traditionally been implemented only on high-end mass spectrometry systems such as FT-ICR-MS making it available for only a few specialized labs. Our mission is to advance mass spectrometry-based life sciences research by offering accessible electron-capture dissociation (ECD) fragmentation. The new and complementary data enabled by our ExD technology unlocks new avenues of protein characterization that will be of value to drug manufacturers and academic researchers alike.

When combined with MS Vision high-mass technology, the e-MSion ExD technology provides a practical solution for top-down biomolecule analysis on your current instruments. MS Vision will sell and support e-MSion’s ExD packages as upgrades for existing Waters Synapt and Thermo Fisher Q Exactive systems, in addition to servicing upgraded systems for customers all over Europe.

Upgrading to ExD means increased capabilities for your instruments and clearer results for your team. This includes:

  • Seamless integration with existing instrument hardware
  • Retention of labile post-translational modifications
  • Sequencing of larger peptides and intact proteins

Be sure to visit our website at https://e-msion.com/ for more information on our ExD technology and its applications. For questions regarding ECD or high-mass upgrades on your existing instruments as well as general service-related inquiries please visit https://www.msvision.com or send an email to info@msvision.com.

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