Warranty & Repair/Replacement

1. Warranty
Click here to view e-MSion's product warranty.
2. Requesting repair/replacement
We are committed to the quality and integrity of our products. In the event of failure, our primary goal is to restore your system to full operation as soon as possible.
Upon identifying a problem with e-MSion product hardware:
Please submit a support ticket here and provide the following information:
Model number
Serial number (if existing)
Original purchase order number (if no serial number)
Description of problem
Troubleshooting steps already attempted
If the problem is encountered in the field, e-MSion technical support will contact you to attempt to resolve the problem. If unable, technical support will verify warranty status and issue you a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for the repair or replacement of any defective parts.
To minimize downtime, an advance replacement may be sent before the defective part is returned (see Advance Replacement).
Please return only the part(s) authorized by the RMA to the location specified.
Enclose the RMA form in the shipping box(es).
Please ensure packaging satisfies our Return Packaging Guidelines.
Advance Replacement
e-MSion will ship advance replacements using the least expensive shipping method. If you request accelerated delivery, please expect to field the excess charges.
You will have thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the advance replacement to return the defective part to e-MSion. If this turn-around time is not manageable, please let us know and we’ll extend the deadline. Otherwise, if not returned within this period, we may invoice you for the current list price of the advance replacement.
Please use packaging from an advance replacement to return the defective part.
For questions or concerns regarding our repair/replacement process, please contact us at support@e-msion.com.
3. Replacement Policy
e-MSion will, at its discretion, repair and/or replace defective parts during their product warranty period, subject to the e-MSion Product Warranty Policy (MAN-Gen-005).
Replacements may be new or refurbished, at the discretion of e-MSion.
The warranty period for parts repaired or replaced will be ninety (90) days from the ship date or the remainder of the original product warranty period, whichever is longer.
For products outside of warranty, e-MSion may repair and/or offer replacement for defective parts. Contact e-MSion support for details.
e-MSion may require the return of any parts being replaced as a condition of sale.
Consumable products lacking proper labeling and/or serial numbering and custom products do not qualify for repair or replacement, except at the discretion of e-MSion.
e-MSion requires a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for all returning parts. Returns without authorization may be sent back at the shipper’s cost. RMA numbers will expire for parts not returned within thirty (30) days of issuance.
Parts may require evaluation after their return before a final disposition (repair, replacement, credit, invalidation) is decided.
Customer is responsible for all costs associated with the shipping of returns to e-MSion.
Returns must be properly packaged to prevent damage in transit. See Return Packaging Guidelines. e-MSion is not responsible for damages incurred during transit of inbound returns and will invoice Customer for the cost of remedying damages related to improper packaging.
e-MSion will pay all shipping costs associated with the return of repaired/replacement parts to Customer. It is Customer’s responsibility to inspect and report any damages within seven (7) days of receipt.
Returns must not be contaminated with hazardous substances. Customer’s return of a part implies that the part is neither radioactive, biologically active, nor otherwise dangerous to human health or safety.
4. Return packaging guidelines
If e-MSion sends an advance replacement part, reuse packaging to return the defective part.
For parts retaining their original internal shipping box, use a minimum of two (2) inches of bubble wrap or one (1) inch of rigid foam between the internal box and a close-fitting external box. Ensure all void space is filled.
Otherwise, bag parts individually in clean packaging and fill all void space with a minimum of two (2) inches of bubble wrap or soft foam between parts and a close-fitting shipping box.
Seal all boxes used securely with durable packaging tape.
Enclose e-MSion RMA form in all shipping boxes.
To request repair/replacement of an e-MSion product, please submit a support ticket.