Upgrade your Thermo Scientific Q Exactive MS with ECD

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Extend the capability of your Thermo Scientific Q Exactive mass spectrometer to include electron-based fragmentation with e-MSion’s ExD cell. Now supported and serviced by Zef Scientific.

The affordable electron capture dissociation (ECD) upgrade enables innovative top-down (Figure 1), middle-down, and native workflows for comprehensive characterization of protein sequence, posttranslational modifications, and higher-order structure.

Adding ECD to your workflow is easier than ever before with our new data analysis and visualization software, ExDViewer (Figure 2). See the results for yourself and explore our interactive web demo at https://e-msion.com/exdviewer.


Figure 1: Coverage map showing ECD of Carbonic Anhydrase II (25+) obtained by direct infusion using the ExD TQ-160 Option for Thermo Scientific Q Exactive MS.


Figure 2: Screenshot of ExDViewer software, e-MSion’s new ECD data analysis and visualization solution.


Learn more about the TQ-160 Option for Thermo Scientific Q Exactive MS at https://e-msion.com/thermo-scientific or contact ZefSci at info@zefsci.com





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