As a reversible retrofit, the ExD Option has been integrated into a wide variety of platforms. Be sure to check out all of the new research featuring e-MSion ExD at ASMS in the abstract list below!  

  We are pleased to be hosting the first ExD for Q Exactive user meeting for current and prospective customers at this year’s ASMS, in partnership with Zef Scientific. Join us for lunch to hear the latest from current users and to find out more about the future of ExD from e-MSion’s technical team!   […]

  Extend the capability of your Thermo Scientific Q Exactive mass spectrometer to include electron-based fragmentation with e-MSion’s ExD cell. Now supported and serviced by Zef Scientific. The affordable electron capture dissociation (ECD) upgrade enables innovative top-down (Figure 1), middle-down, and native workflows for comprehensive characterization of protein sequence, posttranslational modifications, and higher-order structure. Adding […]