We are pleased to be hosting the first ExD for Q Exactive user meeting for current and prospective customers at this year’s ASMS, in partnership with Zef Scientific.

Join us for lunch to hear the latest from current users and to find out more about the future of ExD from e-MSion’s technical team!


Amanda Helms
Brodbelt Lab
University of Texas at Austin
Multiple Methods for Dissociation and Their Application on the UHMR
Won Jung, Ph.D.
Gupta Lab
Yale Medical School
Native Top-Down Analysis of Membrane Proteins Directly from the Lipid Bilayer
Kelly Gallagher, Ph.D.
Heck Lab
Utrecht University
The Application of ECD for De Novo Sequencing of Antibodies
Carter Lantz
Loo Lab
University of California Los Angeles
Native Top-Down Mass Spectrometry with Electron-based Dissociation on an Orbitrap-based Instrument Reveals Sequence and Structure Information for Native Proteins and Protein Complexes
Chen Du
Wysocki Lab
The Ohio State University
A Hybrid ECD-SID Device Enhances Top-Down and Structural Characterization of Native Protein Complexes