ASMS 2022 News & Events

We were thrilled to be back in pre-pandemic form at the 70th Annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry Meeting! Reconnecting with our ExD users and the greater mass spec community was a high point for the team.  If you couldn’t make it to ASMS this year, check out what you missed here! We co-hosted our […]

ECD for the Masses Luncheon

ASMS 2022 ECD for the Masses Luncheon ASMS 2022 ECD for the Masses Luncheon Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first ever ExD for Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap MS user meeting. Especially to our speakers, for the time and effort put into delivering fantastic presentations, and to our co-host, Zef Scientific! Talks […]

Release Notes Table

Version Notes ExDControl v. 3.2.33 • Fixed issue with connecting to the controller when using special characters in the profile name ExDControl v. 3.2.25B • Update controller fw • Fixed app behavior when instrument is in negative mode • Fix for requiring ethernet cable with Thermo instruments ExDControl v. 3.2.18B • Fixed unable to update […]

Abstracts at ASMS 2022

As a reversible retrofit, the ExD Option has been integrated into a wide variety of platforms. Be sure to check out all of the new research featuring e-MSion ExD at ASMS in the abstract list below!  

WS-25x Resources

WS-25x Resources Table of Contents

WK-150 Resources

ExD WK-150 Resources Table of Contents Greater Sequence Coverage​​ Publication Enhanced Top-Down Protein Characterization with Electron Capture Dissociation and Cyclic Ion Mobility Spectrometry Authors: Jared B. Shaw, Dale A. Cooper-Shepherd, Darren Hewitt, Jason L. Wildgoose, Joseph S. Beckman, James I. Langridge, and Valery G. Voinov Read More Higher-Order Structure​ Publication Top-Down Characterization of Denatured Proteins […]