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Golden Doublets

The power of our ECD technology comes from the ability to either combine or switch between fragmentation modes. Here we illustrate how CID fragmentation can be turned off and on quickly to provide sequence-revealing complementary fragmentation patterns.  These complementary pairs have been called Golden Pairs.   The ability of our technology to switch fragmentation modes opens many new possibilties for improving the accuracy of protein and peptide identification as well as quantification of fragile post-translational modifications.  

To learn more, see: Voinov VG, Deinzer ML, Beckman JS, Barofsky DF. Electron capture, collision-induced, and electron capture-collision induced dissociation in Q-TOF. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2011 Apr;22(4):607-11.PMCID: PMC4285558.

ECD Only

1543 2+ ECD

ECD plus CID simultaneously

1543 2+ ECD-CID

The bottom spectra contains pairs of fragments due to CID and ECD fragmenting the peptide bond differently.